Some Californians being moved to Medi-Cal

According to a September 9th article in the Sacramento Bee, some people who bought insurance through Covered California are now being transitioned to Medi-Cal without much warning due to income verification that Covered California is currently doing.  There is no estimate of how many people are affected, but according to the article, even some people who don’t qualify for Medi-Cal have been moved. Medi-Cal is... Read Article

Tax credits and filing requirements

Did you know?   If you received a tax credit to help pay your 2014 insurance premiums, you have already agreed to file your 2014 taxes by April 15th. And… If you received a tax credit you will be required to complete an IRS 1040 form instead of the 104o-EZ form you may be used to filing.     September 15th, 2014 by RealCare Insurance Marketing, Inc.... Read Article

IRS Releases Draft Tax Forms on Health Care

Thursday the IRS released drafts of the forms employers and individuals will use to report on health coverage for 2014.   The forms begin to answer questions we’ve had about how the federal government will reconcile an individual’s estimated 2014 income and Advance Premium Tax Credit eligibility.  The forms also begin to address the issue of reporting on employer sponsored health coverage.  Many questions remain, and... Read Article

Obamacare Tax Credit Fraud

The Ways and Means Committee has been reviewing the federal health exchange and they’re uncovering some disturbing problems, including the ability of people to fraudulently sign up for tax credits.  While the report in this article does not specify issues with Covered California (California’s health exchange), it is, in our opinion, highly likely that California is experiencing the same issues. Link to Article on Ways... Read Article

C.A.R. Anthem Members – How to look up your PPO providers

If you are a C.A.R. member and are looking at our Anthem PPO plans, you can use these instructions to look up your providers: Here are step by step instructions to look up your PPO providers… 1.  Go to: 2.  On the right hand side of the screen, Click on “Find a Doctor” 3.  When the “Find a Doctor” screen appears, follow the prompts 1-4.... Read Article