REALTOR® MetLife Group Life Insurance

MetLife Open Enrollment March 27th to May 15th

Special Life Insurance Enrollment ♦ Dental Insurance ♦ Vision Insurance

Life insurance is a cost-effective way to protect your family and your finances. It helps ensure your short and long-term financial obligations could be met if something unforeseen happens to you. C.A.R. is proud to offer a special open enrollment period for members to increase life insurance coverage with simplified enrollment.  Now you can apply for $25,000 or $50,000 of coverage without answering any health questions as long as you have not been hospitalized within the past 90 days from the date of application.*

Life Insurance Plan Highlights

  • 2 Plans to choose from – $25,000 or $50,000 benefit
  • Includes AD&D

During this Special Open Enrollment Period life insurance is guaranteed for all REALTOR members or eligible employees who have not been hospitalized within 90 days of making application.*  Affiliate members are not eligible for guaranteed life coverage but may apply for coverage with evidence of insurability.  All others must complete a separate life insurance application and coverage is not guaranteed.

*If you answer “yes” to the hospitalization question, then full underwriting is required, and coverage is subject to approval of MetLife.

Enroll TODAY 

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  • Review plans & rates
  • Make benefit elections 

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Important Documents & Forms

If you have questions, please contact RealCare.

NEW! MetLife Home & Auto has significantly reduced rates for C.A.R. members (new and renewing policyholders).

MetLife now offers several ways to save including multi-product discounts (life, disability, dental etc. in addition to auto and home), low mileage discounts (less than 7,000 miles per year), and  experienced driver discounts (number of years with a license). METLIFE DISCOUNTS >>