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C.A.R. Anthem Blue Cross of California Medical Plans

Open Enrollment 2021

C.A.R. Open Enrollment: November 1st to December 15th for a January 1, 2021 effective date

Please review our plan General Guidelines for complete information on eligibility and enrollment. New C.A.R. members, and those who have experienced a Qualifying Eventmay be eligible to enroll early.

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Anthem Medical Plans

IMPORTANT!  The C.A.R. Anthem Blue Cross health plans are available state wide and  use the large Anthem Blue Cross Prudent Buyer PPO and CaliforniaCare HMO networks. These plans and networks are not available in the Individual or Covered CA markets.

2021 Anthem Blue Cross Plan Comparison

2021 Benefit Summaries

Bronze Plans

Silver Plans

Gold Plans

Platinum Plans

HMO Plans

For important information about HMO plan availability, see the Anthem Rating Areas

2020 to 2021 Plan Changes

Anthem Blue Cross is making a significant change to their pharmacy benefit for 2021.  Beginning January 1, 2021 Anthem has instituted a tiered pharmacy program.  The RX Choice Tiered Network divides pharmacies into two tiers.  Your copay will depend on your plan benefits, your medication, and the pharmacy you choose.  Please click the link to review your pharmacy options:  Anthem RX Choice Tiered Pharmacies (Follow the link and choose the RX Choice Tiered Network)

Below is a chart of the 2020 vs. 2021 plans.  Click the link for the 2021 plan to see what is changing next year.

PPO Plans

Contract Code 2020 Plan Name Contract Code 2021 Plan Name
4HVH Anthem Platinum PPO 20/10% 5SVU Anthem Platinum PPO 20/10%
4HWQ Anthem Platinum PPO 15/250/10% 5SYC Anthem Platinum PPO 15/250/10%
4HW6 Anthem Gold PPO 20/30% 5SXU Anthem Gold PPO 20/30%
4HWE Anthem Gold PPO 30/500/20% 5SY2 Anthem Gold PPO 30/500/20% 
4HX6 Anthem Gold PPO 30/750/20% 5SYU Anthem Gold PPO 30/750/20%
4HXE Anthem Gold PPO 35/1000/20% 5SZ2 Anthem Gold PPO 35/1000/20%
4HXN Anthem Silver PPO 45/1750/40% 5SZA Anthem Silver PPO 45/1750/40%
4HY0 Anthem Silver PPO 55/1850/35% 2LHZ Anthem Silver PPO 55/1850/35%
4HWY Anthem Silver PPO 50/2000/40% 5SYL Anthem Silver PPO 50/2200/40%
4HVU/4HW2 Anthem Silver PPO 2000/30% w/HSA – RxC 5SW5/5SWD Anthem Silver PPO 2000/30% w/HSA – RxC
4J00 Anthem Silver PPO 55/2500/45% 5SR1 Anthem Silver PPO 55-2500-45%
4HUE Anthem Bronze PPO 40/5600/40% 5SWH Anthem Bronze PPO 40/5600/40%
4HY6 Anthem Bronze PPO 70/6300/35% 5SXL Anthem Bronze PPO 70/6600/35%
4HU5 Anthem Bronze PPO 60/6350/40% 5SSR Anthem Bronze PPO 60/6350/40%
4J08 Anthem Bronze PPO 3950/50% 5SR9 Anthem Bronze PPO 4600/50%
52SH Anthem Bronze PPO 5000/45% w/HSA 5STX Anthem Bronze PPO 5600/45% w/HSA
52SM Anthem Bronze PPO 6600/0% w/HSA 5SU5 Anthem Bronze PPO 6950/0% w/HSA

HMO Plans

Contract Code 2020 Plan Name Contract Code 2021 Plan Name
4HV5 Anthem Gold HMO 30 5SVG Anthem Gold HMO 30
4HUV Anthem Gold HMO 35 5SWW Anthem Gold HMO 35
4HTA Anthem Silver HMO 55 5ST7 Anthem Silver HMO 55
4HYF Anthem Silver HMO 55/2250/45% 5SX8 Anthem Silver HMO 55/2250/45%


Doctors & Hospitals

Unlike Individual plans and Covered California, the C.A.R. group Anthem plan uses the Anthem Blue Cross Small Group Prudent Buyer PPO and CaliforniaCare HMO networks. These are much larger networks than you would have access to outside of the C.A.R. plan. To look up providers for Anthem Blue Cross, follow these instructions:

  1. Visit
  2. At the top, click on “Find A Doctor/Find Care” and click the link.
  3. Scroll down and highlight “Guests”
  4. To search, answer these questions:
    1. • What type of care are you searching for? MEDICAL
    2. • What state do you want to search in? CALIFORNIA
    3. • What type of plan do you want to search with? MEDICAL (Employer-Sponsored)
    4. • Select a plan/network – type in “Small” and choose EITHER:
      • Blue Cross HMO (CACare) – Small Group – OR –
      • Blue Cross PPO (Prudent Buyer) – Small Group
    5. Hit “Continue” and enter search criteria (name, specialty, NPI or license number) and enter the zip code area

When looking up providers by name, make sure you have the correct spelling. It also helps if you include the location and the name. Also, some doctors have multiple specialties so be aware that they may come up under different options such as “Surgery” vs. “Orthopedics” for example.

Important Forms

Important Plan Documents

Important Benefit Documents

Important Web Links

These forms require Adobe Reader, which is free and commonly used. If you don’t have it, download it here.