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Covered California


Californians can still enroll in health insurance through the Covered CA health exchange through May 15th 2021.  Covered CA offers individual medical plans on the exchange with federal and state tax credits to subsidize premiums for those who qualify.   Many self-employed individuals qualify for the immediate tax credit that can reduce your monthly premium payments. To find out if you qualify for a tax credit, call our Covered CA Enrollment Team at the number below.

C.A.R. members and consumers should remember that you can only enroll in a medical plan during a medical open enrollment period or generally within 30-60 days of a Qualifying Event.

  • For questions about eligibility or qualifying events, contact RealCare at (800) 939-8088, Option 2

  • To enroll in a Covered CA plan today, call our Covered CA Enrollment Team at (855) 842-8939