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AD&D Insurance

Should I Wait to Get Coverage?

REALTORS® are at greater risk than most professions. You drive a lot, walk properties, hold open houses, and do many other tasks that put you in harm’s way.

AD&D (Accidental Death and Dismemberment) coverage pays a lump sum amount should the insured die or incur certain injuries in a covered accident.  Under the C.A.R. MetLife program members can purchase a $250,000 or $500,000 policy.  You can also add family coverage at your option.  Premiums are:

Member $250,000 $74.00 per year
Member $500,000 $140.00 per year
Family Protection Plus* $250,000 $143.00 per year
Family Protection Plus* $500,000 $275.00 per year


MetLife Vol AD&D Benefit Summary

2023 MetLife Voluntary AD&D Enrollment Form

* Family Protection Plus:
The amount of insurance applicable to family members is expressed as a percentage of the amount the member selects:

  • Spouse, no eligible dependent child or children – 50% (For example 50% of $250,000)
  • Spouse, and eligible child or dependent children – Spouse: 40%, Each Child: 10%
  • No Spouse but dependent child or children – Each Child: 15%