Medical Plan Options

The next C.A.R. Medical Plans Open Enrollment will begin November 1, 2017 

With the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act delayed, members should expect the health insurance market to continue “as is” for the time being.  Although Congress is reportedly working behind the scenes to craft a new health care bill, the current rules and regulations remain in place.  Members (as well as other consumers) should remember that they can only enroll in a medical plan during a medical open enrollment period (beginning Nov. 1 each year) or generally within 30 days of a qualifying event. For questions about eligibility or qualifying events, contact RealCare at (800) 939-8088, Option 2.

If you are a new C.A.R. member, or you have experienced a Qualifying Event, you may be able to enroll.  Call us at (800) 939-8088, Option 2 for information.

The C.A.R. group plan offers REALTORS® an opportunity to get group insurance coverage. Group insurance coverage can offer advantages over Individual and Family Plans – better access to providers, richer benefits, and sometimes even a lower price!  RealCare is the only agency that can offer the C.A.R. group plan and all other options in the health insurance marketplace.  We can help you sift through all the confusion to find the plan that works best for you.

C.A.R. Group Plans

C.A.R. offers choices with Kaiser and Anthem.  Our Anthem plans are PPO and HMO plans using the full Prudent Buyer PPO and CaliforniaCare HMO networks.  Wider networks give you more choice of providers.  Our Kaiser plans are often less expensive than those offered to individuals.  And don’t forget the dental and vision!  We have the best dental plans you can buy as an individual, and excellent vision benefits as well.

To obtain a PERSONALIZED QUOTE on the C.A.R. Group Plans send the following information to 

  • Name and date of birth of each family member to be covered
  • Home zip code and County

Individual & Covered California Plans

Enrollment in these plans is limited to the annual Open Enrollment period, or a Special Enrollment following a Qualifying Event.

Individual and Covered California plans may offer a lower cost, but also generally use a smaller network.  If you qualify for a tax credit, you will want to consider enrolling through Covered California.  Our Instant Quote will allow you to look at Individual plans ON and OFF of Covered California.

Special C.A.R. Discount Programs – Register ANYTIME!

Do you just want to find a way to spend LESS on services?  For $11/month you can have 24 hour access to a physician or nurse line at NO COST and get great discounts on prescriptions!

Need help?  Call us!  (800) 939-8088

C.A.R. Group Insurance Plan Eligibility
The C.A.R. group insurance programs are available to all C.A.R. members, local boards and full time W2 employees of C.A.R. members or local boards. Please review our General Plan Guidelines (PDF) for complete information on eligibility and enrollment.

Open Enrollment

  • C.A.R. Medical, Dental & Vision Plans:  November 1st through December 15th for a January 1st effective date
  • C.A.R. Dental & Vision only:  April 1st to May 15th for a June 1st effective date
  • Individual & Covered California:  November 1st through January 31st

Special Enrollment Period

There are certain qualifying events that might allow you to enroll for guaranteed issue health insurance outside of the open enrollment period. For example, new members may enroll between the 1st and 60th day of joining C.A.R. and existing members may enroll within 30 days of experiencing a “Qualifying Event.” Please call RealCare at 800-939-8088 to see if you are eligible.


March 30th, 2017 by RealCare Insurance Marketing, Inc.