C.A.R. Anthem Members – How to look up your PPO providers

If you are a C.A.R. member and are looking at our Anthem PPO plans, you can use these instructions to look up your providers:

Here are step by step instructions to look up your PPO providers…

1.  Go to:  www.Anthem.com/ca
2.  On the right hand side of the screen, Click on “Find a Doctor”
3.  When the “Find a Doctor” screen appears, follow the prompts 1-4.
     1.  Select what type of provider you are looking for (doctor or hospital, etc.)
     2.  About the Provider (optional)
          *Enter the provider’s name OR leave this blank to pull up all providers in your search criteria
          *Under “Specialty” you can choose a specific specialty, or you can choose “All Specialties” and narrow your search later.
     3. Where are you looking (City + State or Zip Code)? – enter a zip code near you, or near the provider you are looking up.
     4.  What insurance plan would you like to use?  (THIS IS CRITICAL).
           *  Choose “I want to search by selecting a plan”
           *  For State select “California”
           *  For Plan Type/Network select “Prudent Buyer PPO/Small Grp” (MOST important step!)
           *  For Plan Name select “Core DirectAccess w/HSA”
4.  Click “Search”
You can refine your search from there, but always remember that you should be looking at Prudent Buyer PPO/Small Grp.