Covered California Sends Incorrect Tax Forms

According to this article in the L.A. Times, Covered CA has sent out as many as 100,000 incorrect tax forms.  We have already seen this with our own clients.  Unfortunately, the corrected forms may not be ready before the tax filing deadline. 100,000 California households get incorrect Obamacare tax forms   February 18th, 2015 by RealCare Insurance Marketing, Inc.... Read Article

Some Californians being moved to Medi-Cal

According to a September 9th article in the Sacramento Bee, some people who bought insurance through Covered California are now being transitioned to Medi-Cal without much warning due to income verification that Covered California is currently doing.  There is no estimate of how many people are affected, but according to the article, even some people who don’t qualify for Medi-Cal have been moved. Medi-Cal is... Read Article

Covered CA – Proof of Citizenship or Lawful Presence

Covered CA yesterday sent a press release detailing their efforts to confirm eligibility for 98,000 enrollees.  We have worked with our clients to try to ensure that proper documentation was submitted.  However, we feel it is imperative for everyone to confirm that Covered CA has verified submitted documentation.  Therefore, if you were asked to submit proof of citizenship or lawful presence, we urge you to... Read Article

2014 Health Insurance Options

What?  You’re confused?  Welcome to the party!  There has never been a more confusing time in the health insurance industry.  Here are some facts: If you are on a C.A.R. group medical plan with Kaiser or Anthem, your policy is not in danger of canceling on 12/31/13.  The C.A.R. group insurance contracts are annual contracts with the insurers.  These contracts renewed June 1, 2013 and... Read Article