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August 7th, 2017 by RealCare Insurance Marketing, Inc.

Open Enrollment 2018

C.A.R. Group Health Plans renew January 1, 2018.  We expect changes to medical and dental plans, as well as rate increases.  We will publish new plans and rates on our website as soon as they are available.  And, we’ll send a renewal letter to current members via email in late October.  Here are some of our expectations: Anthem group medical will continue to be available... Read Article

2018 Covered CA Rates

Covered CA issued their 2018 rate book today, showing an average 12.5 percent increase for next year.  In addition, Covered CA cautioned that the may need to add an additional 12.4 percent surcharge on all Silver plans if the federal government takes away funding for Cost-Sharing Reduction payments. Anthem Blue Cross is withdrawing from 16 of California’s 19 pricing regions.  The remaining regions will be... Read Article

2018 Covered CA Rates to be announced Tuesday 8/1

Covered CA will release much anticipated 2018 rates at 10:00 AM on Tuesday.  For 1.4 million Californians who bought insurance through Covered CA, and for millions of others who bought insurance on the individual market, the announcement is critically important.  Will people be able to afford to keep their coverage?  Will they have to find new coverage or drop to a lower metal tier?  The... Read Article

C.A.R. Group Health Plans Open Enrollment Starts April 1st

Hello!  Open Enrollment begins again for the C.A.R. Group Health Plans on April 1st.  New plans and rates will go into effect as of June 1st 2016.  Updated information on the plans and rates will be available on  the website on April 1st.     March 9th, 2016 by RealCare Insurance Marketing, Inc.... Read Article

Get ready for 2016!

Open Enrollment for health care is coming soon.  Over the next month we’ll begin to get information about the 2016 plans and rates.  For those of you in Covered California, you can already go to the Covered CA website and use their “Shop and Compare” tool to see what rates and benefits will look like next year.  This tool can also be used by those... Read Article