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Medical Backup

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare, all health insurance will be sold without regard to your medical history. Californians will be able to purchase individual health coverage in the new Covered California marketplace, or select an individual plan outside of the new state marketplace.

However, as a REALTOR® you have access to an additional option that most independent contractors do not. California passed a law that works with Obamacare to create special rights for members of C.A.R. and a few other California associations. Most self-employed people do not have this additional option.

Having another option is good, but it makes the decision process much more complicated. Besides price, you have to be mindful of the following:

  • Changing provider networks (Most carriers have drastically cut the number of doctors and hospitals they work with in an effort to save costs.)
  • You may be entitled to premium credits based on income
  • The benefits offered by all carriers have changed for 2014

Calling a RealCare agent is the quickest way for you to make the right decision. We are the only ones who can tell you the rates for the C.A.R. group program and offer all other health insurance options too!

Which agents can: RealCare Other Agents
Offer plans through the California Exchange? Yes Some
Provide you with a plan that includes a premium tax credit? Yes Some
Offer Plans outside the California Exchange? Yes Most
Offer the C.A.R. group plan? Yes No

The process of helping you make a decision on a health insurance plan usually begins with a 10 minute call. So give us a call now at 800-939-8088 ext. 202 so you can get started.

The following table will tell you if you qualify for a premium credit. Credits can be paid up front as a reduction of premium. The credit is based upon your annual adjusted gross income, family size and premium amount.

If you are eligible for a credit, make sure you tell the RealCare agent so we will be able to determine which program is the lowest cost for your family.

Number of Family Members

If your income is less than

If your income is between

If your income is between



$15,857 and $22,890

$22,891 and $45,960



$21,405 and $31,020

$31,021 and $62,040



$26,942 and $39,060

$39,061 and $78,120



$32,500 and $47,100

$47,101 and $94,200



$39,048 and $55,140

$55,141 and $110,280

You Qualify for >>>


Premium Credit Plus Co-insurance Assistance

Premium Credit Only

White means the family qualifies for Medi-Cal and cannot buy medical insurance in the California Exchange.
Gray means the family qualifies for premium assistance plus deductible and co-insurance credits.
Peach means the family qualifies for premium assistance only.

Individual Plans

C.A.R. Plans