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2022 C.A.R. Kaiser Plans

These plans renew January 1, 2023.  At that time, benefits and rates will change. 

2022 Kaiser Plan Comparison
~ Note:  C.A.R. Kaiser health plans do not cover infertility services.

2022 Kaiser Benefit Summaries

High Deductible Health Plan Benefit Summaries – (Visit C.A.R.’s HSA partner – Bend HSA)

Learn More About Kaiser HSA Compatible Plans (Video Link)

Bronze & Silver Plan Benefit Summaries 

Learn More About Kaiser Bronze & Silver Plans (Video Link)

Gold & Platinum Plan Benefit Summaries

Learn More About Kaiser Gold & Platinum Plans (Video Link)

To Find Rates, visit the C.A.R. Member Benefits Portal

Important Forms

Important Plan Documents

Important Benefit Documents