Telehealth is a growing trend that can save you time and money on your health care. Now C.A.R. members can access Telehealth services from one of the nation’s most respected companies, Teladoc.

Picture this…

You’ve got a busy day. Caravan from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, two client meetings in the afternoon and a Board meeting at 6:00 PM. Of all the days to wake up with that telltale sinus pressure and a splitting headache! You’ve got a sinus infection and you need a prescription fast. There’s no time to make a doctor appointment – what will you do? Cancel your appointments? No way!

With Teladoc you can call any time 24 hours a day to get the advice and help you need. In less than 20 minutes*, your board-certified Teladoc provider can call in the prescription you need to get you through your day.

C.A.R. Discount Programs give you access to Teladoc and a whole lot more!  Check out all the great discounts in store for you and register online today!  Program highlights are shown below.

C.A.R. Member Discount Program
Monthly cost covers the C.A.R. member, spouse, and all legal dependents

Preferred Savings Plan – $11.00/month**

  • Teladoc – 24 hour phone access to a doctor with $0 per visit cost!
  • Doctors Online – 24 hour access to doctors, pharmacists, psychologists, dentists and more right from your phone
  • Pharmacy discounts – Don’t pay full price.  You can save 10% to 85% at over 60,000 pharmacies
  • Nurseline™ – Trained registered nurses on call to answer questions 24 hours a day
  • Health Advocacy – Personal Health Advocate to help you locate providers, resolve claims and provide explanations
  • Medical Bill Saver™ – Experts to help negotiate pricing on medical and dental bills
  • Wellness resources – Resources and information to help manage your health and personal finances

Premier Savings Plan – $18.00/month**

  • Includes all of the above, plus:
  • Vision and Dental discounts – save 15% to 50% per visit on dental***; and 10% to 60% on vision services
  • Discounts on lab tests, chiropractic, hearing aids, DME and MRI/CT Scans
  • Tax Hotline – year round support to provide advice, planning and audit assistance

*10 minute average doctor response time
** Plus one-time application fee of $3.95
*** Actual costs and savings vary by provider, service and geographical area.  Lab benefit not available to HI, MA, MD, ND, NJ, NY, RI, SD or VT residents.

Your membership is effective upon receipt of membership materials.




This is NOT insurance nor is it intended to replace insurance. This discount card program contains a 30 day cancellation period. The plan is not insurance coverage and does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act or Massachusetts M.G.L. c. 111M and 956 CMR 5.00. This plan provides discounts at certain healthcare providers for medical services. This plan does not make payments directly to the providers of medical services. The plan member is obligated to pay for all healthcare services but will receive a discount from those healthcare providers who have contracted with the discount plan organization. For a full list of disclosures, please click here. | Limitations, Exclusions and Exceptions | Discount Medical Plan Organization: New Benefits, Ltd., Attn: Compliance Department, PO Box 803475, Dallas, TX 75380-3475.
This plan is not available in FL, KS, PR, UT, VT and WA.

October 10th, 2017 by RealCare Insurance Marketing, Inc.