Tax credits and filing requirements

Did you know?   If you received a tax credit to help pay your 2014 insurance premiums, you have already agreed to file your 2014 taxes by April 15th. And… If you received a tax credit you will be required to complete an IRS 1040 form instead of the 104o-EZ form you may be used to filing.     September 15th, 2014 by RealCare Insurance Marketing, Inc.... Read Article

Covered CA – Proof of Citizenship or Lawful Presence

Covered CA yesterday sent a press release detailing their efforts to confirm eligibility for 98,000 enrollees.  We have worked with our clients to try to ensure that proper documentation was submitted.  However, we feel it is imperative for everyone to confirm that Covered CA has verified submitted documentation.  Therefore, if you were asked to submit proof of citizenship or lawful presence, we urge you to... Read Article

2015 Covered California Tax Credit Warning

Many people elected to authorize Covered California to automatically access their federal tax return information and process re-enrollment for next year.  According to the Sacramento Bee, those who did, may face a problem with their tax credit. As plans are added or changed on the exchange, subsidy rates can change.  However, we’ve read that subsidy rates may not automatically re-calculate for those who automatically re-enroll.... Read Article