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C.A.R. offers flexible health insurance solutions for you and your employees. Key advantages of C.A.R.’s program for small brokers:

  • Two carriers, no participation requirements. If you’ve tried to offer Anthem and Kaiser together before, you may have been turned down because you could not meet their minimum participation requirements. The flexibility of the C.A.R. program eliminates that problem. Now you can offer every eligible employee the choice between Anthem or Kaiser. Two carriers? No worries!
  • Access to Anthem’s large Prudent Buyer PPO and CaliforniaCare HMO networks. With C.A.R. there’s no need to skimp on networks. Unlike CaliforniaChoice or individual products, C.A.R. provides access to the largest networks with the most providers.
  • Employee or Employer Paid Benefits. Your full-time W2 employees are eligible for C.A.R. group benefits because you’re a member of the Association. Benefits can be paid for by the employer or the employee, or both. This is the flexibility you don’t have when purchasing outside of C.A.R.’s group plan.
  • Consolidated Billing. Now you can receive one bill for medical, dental, vision and life. One monthly payment to cover all your benefits.

To learn more, call RealCare at 800-939-8088, or request more information below.