Get ready for 2016!

Open Enrollment for health care is coming soon.  Over the next month we’ll begin to get information about the 2016 plans and rates.  For those of you in Covered California, you can already go to the Covered CA website and use their “Shop and Compare” tool to see what rates and benefits will look like next year.  This tool can also be used by those... Read Article

Some Individuals May Still Enroll in a New Health Plan for 2015

You didn’t know you would pay an IRS penalty if you didn’t have adequate health insurance?  Well if that’s the case, this might be your lucky day.  Covered California has extended Open Enrollment for individuals who will certify that they weren’t aware of the tax penalty. According to Covered California, “Applicants must attest to the fact that they did not realize there was a tax... Read Article

Health Insurance Tax Penalty – What you need to know

The health insurance tax penalty is here. READ MORE... Read Article

Anthem Data Breach Update 2-11-15

This just in from Anthem:   Your Message Subject or Title February 11, 2015 To our valued client:Last week, we made you aware that our company was the target of a very sophisticated external, cyber attack. Since that time, we have been working around the clock continuing our assistance in the FBI investigation; analyzing the data to understand the impact to our members; responding to... Read Article

State Exchanges to be “Self-Sustaining” in January 2015

According to the ACA guidelines, all state run insurance exchanges are supposed to be self-sustaining by January 2015.  Read below to see what exchanges are saying about how they’ll comply.   Insurance Exchanges to be Self Sustaining... Read Article