Kaiser Medical Plans

Please review our General Plan Guidelines for complete information on eligibility and enrollment.  New C.A.R. members, and those who have experienced a Qualifying Event may be eligible to enroll early.

C.A.R. Kaiser Medical Plan Options

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Kaiser Plan Comparison

Kaiser Bronze Plans

Bronze 60 HMO 6300/75

Bronze 60 HDHP HMO 4800/40% (HSA)

Kaiser Silver Plans

Silver 70 HMO 1000/50

Silver 70 HMO 2000/45

Silver 70 HDHP HMO 2000/20%

Kaiser Gold Plans

Gold 80 HMO 0/25

Gold 80 HMO 500/30

Gold 80 HMO 2250/35

Kaiser Platinum Plans

Platinum 90 HMO 0/10

Platinum 90 HMO 0/15

Important Benefit Documents


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Kaiser Rating Regions

Kaiser Rate Guide

How to Calculate Your Medical Rate (PDF)

Renewal Information for Current Clients

Applications & Enrollment

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