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2024 C.A.R. Anthem Blue Cross Renewal

Renewal Date January 1, 2024

This page outlines changes for 2024 and provides links to important documents and websites.

Important Dates:  

  • C.A.R. Health Plans Open Enrollment:  November 1, 2023 through December 15, 2023
  • New benefits and rates take effect:  January 1, 2024
  • Changes and enrollments take effect:  January 1, 2024

Where to Find Current Plan and 2024 Rate Information:

  • Existing Plan Members: Confirm your current coverage and check 2024 rates at 
    • Log in with your last name, date of birth, last 6 digits of your SSN.  Click “Shop 2024 Plans” to view your new rates.
  • ONLINE Enrollment/ChangesC.A.R. Member Benefits Portal (Live 11/1/23)
    • Register and/or log in to confirm current coverage, review new rates and benefits, enroll and make changes)

What is Changing?

Link to:  Important Policy Notices 

New 2024 Anthem Benefit Summaries

HSA Compatible Plan Benefit Summaries – (Visit C.A.R.’s HSA partner – Bend HSA)

Bronze Plan Benefit Summaries

Silver Plan Benefit Summaries

Gold Plan Benefit Summaries

Platinum Plan Benefit Summaries

HMO Plans

Making Changes

You can change plans or add/delete dependents by using the Anthem Add-Drop Application Form.  All changes must be submitted by December 15th.  Changes will be effective 1/1/24.

If you’re only making a plan change within Anthem, or a name change, use the Anthem Account Change Form.

During Open Enrollment you can also add other benefits including dental, vision, life or Accidental Death.  You can view plans and rates at:

If you wish to drop your Anthem coverage, submit the C.A.R. Anthem Health Plans Termination Form.

Need Information on Anthem 2023 Plans?  Click: Link to 2023 Anthem Plan Information