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Get ready for 2016!

Open Enrollment for health care is coming soon.  Over the next month we’ll begin to get information about the 2016 plans and rates.  For those of you in Covered California, you can already go to the Covered CA website and use their “Shop and Compare” tool to see what rates and benefits will look like next year.  This tool can also be used by those... Read Article

Medicaid Enrollment Surged

According to the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) a recent report cited by the AP indicates that more than a dozen states that chose to expand Medicaid have seen a surge in enrollment that is beyond all projections.  This is raising concerns that the added cost will seriously impact state budgets in 2017 when federal aid is reduced.  In Kentucky the estimated Medicaid costs... Read Article

Some Individuals May Still Enroll in a New Health Plan for 2015

You didn’t know you would pay an IRS penalty if you didn’t have adequate health insurance?  Well if that’s the case, this might be your lucky day.  Covered California has extended Open Enrollment for individuals who will certify that they weren’t aware of the tax penalty. According to Covered California, “Applicants must attest to the fact that they did not realize there was a tax... Read Article

Covered California Sends Incorrect Tax Forms

According to this article in the L.A. Times, Covered CA has sent out as many as 100,000 incorrect tax forms.  We have already seen this with our own clients.  Unfortunately, the corrected forms may not be ready before the tax filing deadline. 100,000 California households get incorrect Obamacare tax forms  ... Read Article

Covered California Extends Open Enrollment

Wait!  You’re not done (for) yet!  Were you unable to enroll in a new health plan by February 15th? Covered California has announced an extension of the Open Enrollment for those who were unable to finish.  But you must contact a Certified Agent or Enrollment Specialist to complete your enrollment. Call us today at (800) 939-8088 READ MORE HERE…... Read Article