Anthem and Stanford Parting Ways

Just released today:

Stanford Health Care terminates its contract with Anthem Blue Cross

Anthem Blue Cross and Stanford Health Care (formerly known as Stanford University Medical Center) have been engaged in Commercial contract negotiations for several months to reach agreement on reasonable reimbursement rates and contractual terms that are beneficial to both organizations. Unfortunately, Anthem Blue Cross and Stanford Health Care were unable to reach agreement and Stanford terminated the contract effective September 8, 2014.  From that date forward, Stanford Health Care will no longer participate in our provider network.  The hospital is located in the City of Palo Alto in Santa Clara County.
Letters are being mailed today, September 8, 2014, to subscribers that personally accessed or had a covered family member access Stanford Health Care within the last 12 months and to any members with an authorization for care at the hospital.  We are also mailing letters to related clients, brokers and agents and to PPO physicians and HMO medical groups with admitting privileges at Stanford Health Care.
We will post updates here as they become available. 

Stanford Health Care and Anthem Agree To Terms

November 13, 2014

We were informed yesterday that Anthem and Stanford have agreed to a multi-year contract that restores their preferred provider status retroactive to September 8, 2014.  PPO contracts have been restored and Stanford is back on the list of preferred providers for many contracts.  To find out if your plan covers Stanford in network, call your Member Services number on your ID card.   Great news for our members!