Health Plan Notifications Worrying Members

As you know, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has caused many changes to health insurance this year.  Your current plan is being transitioned to new ACA compliant plan effective June 1, 2014.  This transition is generating confusing communications from your health plan.

We have heard from many members this week who have received letters or notices from their health plan stating that they’ve changed plans; or that their plan is terminating.  These notices are automatically generated and often misleading. 

Please be assured that your account will not be terminated unless you request termination or fail to pay your premiums.  

If you have received a notice from your health plan, please read it carefully and call us if you have concerns.  

Kaiser sent out letters this week that acknowledge to members that they’ve made a plan change.  However, most of you have not made a plan change.  Even so, your 2013 plan was automatically transferred to a new 2014 plan.  This is the plan change that the letter refers to, but the wording is very misleading.  

If you receive a termination notice from your health plan it is likely the result of the transition to the new plan  If you have paid your premiums, and have not requested termination, we have not terminated your coverage.