Need a new health plan GUARANTEED for 2/1/14?

If you have not yet enrolled in a health plan for 2014, or still need to change plans, NOW is the time to enroll!  The deadline to enroll for a 2/1/14 effective date is JANUARY 15, 2014.  Your application must be submitted, and a plan selected, NO LATER THAN JANUARY 15TH in order to be processed for a 2/1/14 effective date. 

The best way to apply:  We are recommending online enrollment for Covered CA because they are still not processing paper applications.  However, for individual business, we are using a paper application to fax to the carriers.  This way we have a fax confirmation that the application was received in time to meet the January 15th deadline. 

For Covered CA:  Follow our Step by Step Guide to Covered California Online Enrollment 

For Individual (Off Exchange) Health Plans:

  • Anthem Blue Cross:  Contact us for a paper application to FAX
  • Blue Shield of Caliornia:  Contact us and we’ll start an online enrollment (Blue Shield ONLY enrolls online)
  • Health Net:  Contact us for a paper application to FAX
  • Kaiser:  Contact us for a paper application to FAX

To contact us, email SALES@REALCARE.BIZ or call (800) 939-8088.