Covered California – Latest news on applications

Covered CA maintains that their official deadline for submitting applications for January 1st effective dates was 12/23/13.  However, because of the technical problems with their website, which also affected their ability to enroll anyone by phone, they’ve stated that they’ll honor applications from people who could show a “good faith effort” to apply on December 23rd.  We have not yet heard how people are to prove that they made a good faith effort, but we’ll keep you posted.

If you applied through a Certified Insurance Agent, then your agent should have begun your application for you on or before 12/23.  The majority of you who applied through RealCare were in the system by 12/17/13, so your application was in before 12/23.  We worked through last weekend and until late Monday night to help people finish their applications and choose plans.  Those we were unable to finish by 10pm on Monday night were instructed to call Covered CA on Tuesday.  And, we continue to work on those. 

Now Covered CA has given Certified Agents until 6pm on Saturday 12/28 to complete applications and preserve the 1/1/14 effective date.  We are working on the remainder of our applications at this time.  However, as of about 11am today, the Covered CA site went down for maintenance.  Neither we, nor the people at Covered CA are able to access the system at this time.  We will keep trying throughout the day and evening; and will start over again tomorrow. 

We’ll post updates on this situation when available.