Covered California Application Update


We are working hard to input all paper applications we’ve received into the online Covered California system. Fortunately, the system is remaining fairly stable and we are making progress. If you submitted an application, keep an eye on your email for your confirmation from us.

Many of you will be instructed to log in to the Covered California site to complete your application. This is because there is information needed online that we don’t have on the paper application. You must log in and complete your application AND choose a health plan by December 15th. Although the deadline for applying for a January 1st effective date has been moved to December 23rd, the Covered California website still states that you must choose a health plan by December 15th. We don’t know if they intend to change this or not, and we don’t want to risk your not getting the effective date you want. Therefore, we’re telling everyone to complete this by 12/15/13.

Also, you may be asked for a variety of things at the end of the enrollment process. You may be asked for:
* Proof of income
* Proof of residency or lawful presence
* Proof of minimum essential coverage

These items are triggered by a variety of things and we can’t be sure what they all are. The deadline for submitting these items varies from January 31st to March 8th. We will notify you what items Covered California is asking for. When you log in to Covered California and go to your “Eligibility” page online, you will see this information and will be able to click a “submit” button. In most cases this will pull up another screen that will tell you what items may be used as proof; and provide an “upload” button to sumit the information.

Many of you will have to send in your tax return or other financial documentation. Covered California has not notified us of exactly what constitutes “proof of income.” We will let you know when we know more.

Some of you may be asked to submit “Proof of minimum essential coverage.” When you click “submit” under this category, you may find that you need to submit proof that you’ve cancelled your current insurance. Many of you are concerned (and rightly so) about cancelling your current coverage before you can confirm your enrollment through Covered California. However, from what we’ve seen, the deadline to submit this proof is often January 31st. So, as long as you pay your new Covered California premium, receive confirmation from them and THEN cancel your current policy, you won’t be in jeopardy of being without coverage. The bad news is that you may have already paid your January premium to your existing carrier and now must pay again. However, you will get a refund from your existing carrier if you cancel and show proof of your new coverage.

Check back soon for more information!