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Covered California – Latest news on applications

Covered CA maintains that their official deadline for submitting applications for January 1st effective dates was 12/23/13.  However, because of the technical problems with their website, which also affected their ability to enroll anyone by phone, they’ve stated that they’ll honor applications from people who could show a “good faith effort” to apply on December 23rd.  We have not yet heard how people are to... Read Article

Covered California – Providing Requested Documentation

Many applicants are asked to provide verification of information in order to maintain eligibility for coverage or assistance (tax credits or cost sharing reductions).  If you log in to your account and visit the “Eligibility” page, you will see what documentation is requested, and you can click on “Submit Documents.”  When you click on “Submit Documents” you will be taken to a verification section which... Read Article

Covered CA Premium Payments

Most of you who enrolled for a January 1st effective date have received your invoices and paid your first month’s premium.  If you have not, then you need to contact your health plan and Covered CA right away to determine the status of your account.  If you have paid your first premium but have not received ID cards, check your Covered CA account to see if your... Read Article

Affordable Care Act Resources

We were recently asked to provide some resources for people to research issues on the Affordable Care Act.  Here is a list of good places to start: RealCare Website: RealCare Blog: RealCare Covered CA page: Covered CA: Kaiser Family Foundation (not the same as Kaiser Permanente): IRS ACA Tax Provisions:

Covered California – Uploading Documents

Many of you have been asked to upload documents to your Covered CA account.  Here is a step by step guide to how to upload any necessary documentation that may be needed for your account: To upload your requested documentation, you will need to do the following:   1.  Log in to your Covered CA account. 2.  From your Home page, you will need to... Read Article