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Health Insurance Marketplace Updates

Open Enrollment for individual health plans ended on March 31st. If you failed to enroll in a qualified health plan by March 31, 2014, you may have to pay a penalty on your 2014 federal taxes. Contact RealCare, the California Association of REALTORS’® exclusively endorsed insurance broker, to discuss your health insurance options. Most of our web page visitors are affiliated with the California Association of REALTORS®. As a C.A.R. member, you have several options available to you for health insurance. Each is outlined below. If you are not a C.A.R. member, you will not be able to enroll in the C.A.R. group health plan, but may qualify for other options.

OPTION 1: C.A.R. Group Health Plans

The C.A.R. Group Health Plans Open Enrollment is November 1st to December 15th. Updated Kaiser and Anthem Blue Cross rate and benefit information is available on our Kaiser and Anthem Blue Cross pages.

  • If you are a NEW C.A.R. member, you have a 60 day window to enroll for coverage.  The new member enrollment period begins on the day you join C.A.R. and ends on the 60th day of membership.
  • If you have been a C.A.R. member for longer than 60 days, but have experienced a qualifying event, you can join the C.A.R. group plan within 30 days of your qualifying event.
  • Here are links to the C.A.R. Health Plan pages, where you will find rates, benefits and enrollment forms:

OPTION 2:  Individual and Family Plans

As mentioned above, the Open Enrollment for Individual and Family Plans (IFP) ended March 31, 2014.  All IFP plans are guaranteed issue – no one can be turned down due to medical conditions or history.  If you experience a qualifying event after March 31st, you will have a 60 day period to enroll in a new IFP plan. Below is a list of qualifying events:

Qualifying events for plans off the exchange

  • Involuntary loss of Minimum Essential Coverage for any reason other than fraud, intentional misrepresentation of a material fact or failure to pay premium
  • Loss of Minimum Essential Coverage due to dissolution of a marriage
  • Marriage
  • Adoption or placement for adoption
  • Birth

To compare the costs and benefits for the new 2014 individual plans, visit our Individual and Family Plans Quoting Page to enter your data and see the plans and rates available in your area.

OPTION 3:  Covered California

The Open Enrollment period for Covered California coincides with that for IFP plans. Only those who experience a qualifying event can enroll between April 1st and the next Open Enrollment period next Fall.

Those who do have a qualifying event are eligible to enroll in Covered California and may qualify for the Advance Premium Tax Credit and/or Cost Sharing Reduction.  Under the ACA, the only way to get the Advance Premium Tax Credit or Cost Sharing Reduction is to apply for coverage through Covered California. If you qualify for the tax credit or cost sharing reduction, you must apply through Covered California to get assistance. If you won’t qualify, then there is no reason to apply through this new system.  All the plans available in Covered California are also available through the Individual and Family plans directly.

OPTION 4:  Alternative Coverage

If you find yourself without any coverage options, you may want to consider one of the following. None of these options will meet the federal guidelines for minimum essential coverage. However, they can help you pay for your medical expenses, or get immediate access to a provider.

  • Short Term Health Insurance – This is not guaranteed issue, and does not meet the federal guidelines for minimum essential coverage, but it can protect you against financial loss in the event of a catastrophic illness or accident. CLICK HERE to get a quote and apply.
  • Accident Insurance – A stand alone accident policy could help with small costs, but won’t meet the federal guidelines for minimum essential coverage. Nevertheless, an Accident plan can help pay some expenses. Call (800) 826-2005 or visit our Aflac page for more information.
  • Get MedCallAssist – Even if you HAVE insurance, this could be a good product for you! MedCallAssist is a mobile health solution that accepts both emergency and non emergency calls. This unique program allows you to access an Emergency Trained physician in minutes, saving you time and money! Get started now and you could contact a doctor today! To sign up or get more information, click GetMedCallAssist
    • No appointment needed
    • No Copay or Deductible
    • Email or phone
    • Doctor’s advise and prescribe over the phone – anywhere you are
    • No waiting, driving, or insurance necessary
    • No pre-existing condition limitations

To get the latest information on Covered California and other health insurance issues, visit our blog at